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If you want to play PSP games on Android, you are at the right place. In this article you’ll learn how to play PSP games on your Android smartphone. It requires NO ROOT. Yes, that’s right. Let’s get straight into the setup. Android’s default file system supports .apk file format while PSP games are in .elf file format. So how can one play PSP games on android? Fortunately, it is possible through PPSSPP emulator. Using this emulator you can play PPSSPP Games For Android.

How to Play PSP games using PPSSPP emulator:

  • PPSSPP in Google Play Store

    Download the PPSSPP games for android from the links provided at the end of this article, extract the .elf file of the game and place it in your SD Card.

  • Now open PPSSPP Emulator and select the .elf file from the SD Card.
  • You will now see the game in your game list.
    In-app screenshot
  • Start the game you want to play and your game will start.
In-game screenshot

Now to add more games to your emulator, you’ll just have to download the game files from here, place them on SD Card, open them in emulator and play.

How to Improve Gaming Performance:

Though most of the Android phones today are capable of running PSP games easily, you often will see lag during gameplay. You can easily avoid this by using RAM boosters or reducing the graphic quality in the game settings.
PPSSPP has a paid version which costs $5.99 and it removes all the ads from the emulator. Another great thing about PPSSPP is that it is open-source. There are many other PSP emulators available, but if you ask me PPSSPP is the best one out of them and I highly recommend that you use it.

Download PPSSPP Games For Android


300 – March to Glory
50 Cent – Bulletproof – G-Unit Edition


Ace Combat X – Skies of Deception
Activision Hits Remixed
After Burner – Black Falcon
Alien Syndrome
Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem
Another Century’s Episode Portable
Ape Escape Academy
Armored Core – Formula Front Extreme Battle
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 – Mission WiFix
Astro Boy – The Video Game
Avatar – The Last Airbender


Bakugan Battle Brawlers – Defenders of the Core
Beit Hell 2000
Ben 10 – Alien Force
Ben 10 – Protector of Earth
Beowulf – The Game
Bleach – Heat the Soul 4
Bleach Soul Carnival
Bliss Island
Bomberman – Panic Bomber
Bomberman Land
Bounty Hounds
Brandish – The Dark Revenant
Brothers in Arms – D-Day
Bubble Bobble – EvolutionBurnout Legends
Busou Shinki – Battle Masters (Japan)


CID The Dummy
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts – Ultimate Challenge
Cabela’s Legendary Adventures
Call of Duty – Roads to Victory (USA)
Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded
Carnage Heart Portable
Castlevania – The Dracula X Chronicles
Chili Con Carnage
Code Lyoko – Quest for Infinity
Coded Arms
Coded Arms – Contagion
Coded Soul
Crash – Mind Over Mutant
Crash Tag Team Racing
Crash of the Titans
Crazy Taxi – Fare WarsCrazy Taxi – Fare Wars (v2)Crush


Danball Senki
Dante’s Inferno
Darkstalkers Chronicle – The Chaos Tower
Dead to Rights – Reckoning
Death Jr. II – Root of Evil
Despicable Me
Dissidia – Final Fantasy – Universal Tuning
Dissidia – Final Fantasy
Driver 76
Dungeon Explorer
Dungeon Maker – Hunting Ground (USA)
Dungeon Siege – Throne of Agony (USA)
Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors – Strikeforce
Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2


Every Extend Extra
Exciting Pro Wrestling 7 – SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006


Fading Shadows
Family Guy
Fat Princess – Fistful of Cake
Fate Extra
Fight Night Round 3
Freak Out – Extreme Freeride
Frogger – Helmet Chaos
From Russia with Love – 007
Full Auto 2 – Battlelines
FullMetal Alchemist – Brotherhood


Gangs of London
Ghost Rider
Ghostbusters – The Video Game
Gladiator Begins
God Eater Burst
Godfather – Mob Wars, The
Golden Compass
Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories
Guilty Gear Judgment
Gundam Assault Survive
Gundam Battle Chronicle
Gundam Battle Tactics
Gundam Battle Universe

More PPSSPP Games for android Are Coming Soon!


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