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Device ID changer pro for android

Device id changer pro

Your android devices can be Identified in multiple ways when accessing certain services and networks. Almost every different service associated with your device is associated with some device ID. Such as IMEI, Android ID, Serial ID, Bluetooth MAC, WiFi Mac, SIM Subscriber ID, SIM car serial, SIM operator etc. You can modify all this system information by Device ID changer pro.

Why use Device ID changer pro:

  • You can create Multiple Accounts and take advantage of many android app referral options, coupons, first time login offers with same device.
  • Device ID changer pro helps you hide original Device ID from being shown to third party apps. It can save your original ANDROID_ID, which can be restored later if necessary.

Terms Device ID: Device ID amd Android ID are used interchangeably. Your Android Device ID is the alpha-numeric 64 bit string associated with your mobile device.

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  • Your Device ID can be viewed with this app..
  • Change your device id using this app. For this feature, rooted device is required.
  • This app allow you to go back to original Device or android id at anytime by single push.
  • Your Device ID can be saved locally on your SD card to file named “device.Id”.
  • View other sensitive system information¬† such as IMEI number, SIM serial number, subscriber id and more
  • Quickly generate unique device id and set that ID as your device id within seconds.

Pro Version (Ad free version):

  • You can list out all the Device IDs used by your device date-wise. You are also allowed to store this information to local storage.
  • Earlier Device ID saved to the local storage can be restored with the pro version. You can simply do this just by clicking the restore button and hit confirm after prompt.
  • File Saved ID Can be restored as Device ID.
  • Widgets can created and pushed to home screen for quick access.

NOTE: Making changes to your system files may harm your device. We are not responsible for any damages caused to your device. Use Device ID Changer at your own risk.

Permission: android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
This permission is used for showing user’s own device info within the app. We don’t store any data you provide to this app. All the settings are saved locally on your device.

Download the Device ID Changer pro from the link given below:

Download Here

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