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Are You A Gamer Who Uses Linux? If so, then it would be beneficial for you to know which games are available on Ubuntu. Many popular titles work flawlessly while some require special configurations or emulators in order to play properly – or there may even be free Linux games!

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Linux gaming has never been better! Now, many Windows games can run natively on Linux with no additional setup necessary – some even needing no installation at all! Some may still contain bugs and may not function correctly – however there are solutions such as wine, Proton, Bottles or Lutris that may help with running Windows games in linux and you could also experiment with different graphical drivers for added versatility.

Your Ubuntu computer offers access to an extensive selection of free and open-source games, such as SuperTuxKart – an exciting racing game with multiple game modes and multiplayer play – along with several online gaming websites that provide games you can download or purchase through Steam and access them directly on Ubuntu.

Linux operating systems offer many first-person shooters, with Counter-Strike Global Offensive being one of the world’s most beloved titles and its exciting gameplay and graphics attracting players around the world. Now CS GO can also be played on Linux operating systems!

Not just shooting games are available on Linux; strategy and role-playing titles such as Starcraft II, Hearts of Darkness, Command and Conquer and Dune 2000 can all be enjoyed by users. Vicarious Visions released Terminus as well as historical real-time strategy games FreeCiv (based on Civilization II) to Linux as part of their offering; additionally other titles by this company include Frets on Fire (ZX-Spectrum action platformer); Warsow (like Quake); Frets On Fire (ZX-Spectrum platformer); Grid Wars (clone of Puzzle Bobble).

Linux also features several roguelikes for you to enjoy, which may prove challenging yet enjoyable – examples include Moria, Angband and Hack – or those specifically created for Linux such as Caffeine which was recently released.

Not only can you play Ubuntu music videos on your computer, but you can also watch animated and beautiful scenery-laden Ubuntu music videos featuring popular artists and bands; some offer intimate performances from intimate artists; animation is another popular medium; you may even enjoy listening to the soundtracks for some of your favorite songs with Ubuntu music videos!

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