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dSploit app on WiFi for pentesting (dsploit apk)

Dsploit app is the penetration testing suite for android operating system. This little android app is capable of performing network security assessments on wireless networks. It basically allows you to perform several tasks such as network mapping, vulnerability scanning, password scanning and Man in the middle attack. You can download dsploit apk from the link provided at the end of this article.

Downloading link for dsploit apk is given at the end of this article. Before downloading the dsploit apk make sure that you device is rooted and it has ARM CPU.

Working with desploit app

After installing dsploit apk, when you open the app you will see the screen as shown below.

dsploit root

Tap on grant button to provide root privileges to the dsploit app.

Now you will see the targets in the network.

dsploit target
dsploit target

Select your target. Here you will see 7 different modules.

Dsploit module


First module is trace, it allows you to perform trace-route on the target. It will display the target’s local IP Address and connection speed. Trace-route is basically used to determine where the connection is slowing down and how many nodes are in between.

Port Scanner

Next module in dsploit app is port scanner. As the name says, This module allows you to scan open ports on targets. To see the open ports tap on the port scanner module and tap on the “Start’ button. That’s it.


Moving on to next module, “Inspector”. Using this module you can know the operating system and services running on the target. To use this feature just tap on the start button and it will display the type, OS and services.

Vulnerability Finder

Next on the list is vulnerability finder. As the name says this module searches for known vulnerabilities in services runningĀ on target upon the national vulnerability database. In order to use this module you have to first run the inspector. After finding services running on target device, just tap on “Search” button in the vulnerability finder module. It will display the vulnerability details.

Login Cracker

Moving on to next feature, Login Cracker. It is actually a network logon cracker which supports many different services. To use login cracker first select the target service and port then select the char-set and username. The Maximum Length is up to 6. Tap on start button. That’s it.


Next amazing module in dsploit app is MITM, Man in the middle attack. This module has 9 sub-modules that allow you to do a lot of fun stuff.

Dsploit man in the middle attack
  • First is “Simple Sniff”. It can redirect target traffic through your device and show the real time traffic. It also allows you to save sniffed traffic to “pcap file”.
  • Next sub-module is “password sniffer”. It can sniff passwords of many encrypted protocols such as http, imap, irc and msn.
  • Session hijacker. It basically allows you to capture session cookies and hijack sessions.
  • Next one is kill connections. By tapping on this module. You can prevent the target from reaching any website or server.
  • Fifth module is “redirect”. Yes you guessed it right. It can allow you to redirect all the http traffic to another address.
  • Moving on to the next one – “replace images”. It allows you to replace all images on a web page with attacker specified image.
  • Next one is, “Replace Video”. It is just like “Replace images”. It can replace all the youtube videos with attacker specified video.
  • Next is “Script Injection”. This allows you to inject java-script into every visitor webpage.
  • The last sub-module is “custom filter”. It allows you to replace all the text with attacker specified text.

Moving back to the main modules. Now we have last main module “Packet Forger”. It helps you to craft and send custom TCP/UDP packet to the target.

There is one more useful module in this app called “Router PWN”. Router PWN opens up a service that helps you in the exploitation of router vulnerabilities. It is basically a web page that provides compilation of ready to run local and remote exploits.

Download dsploit app(dsploit apk)



On November 3, 2014 DSploit app was merged with zANTI.

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