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Install all the Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu and Debian based system

Kali Linux is a great Distro for pentesters. It is packed with loads of useful security tools. Kali Linux is built keeping only one thing in mind, that is penetration testing. That’s why when it comes to stability and user experience Kali Linux does not score well. Almost all of Kali Linux power comes from it’s very versatile archive of security tools. So in this post we are gonna demonstrate a method to add kali repository to ubuntu and debian than install Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu and Debian based system. So that you could keep the stability of your system maintained while having the bleeding edge security tools. Install Kali Linux tools on Debian and Ubuntu as shown below.

Add kali repository to ubuntu and Debian based systems

In order to get all the Kali Linux tools on your current Ubuntu or Debian based system, first we need to add and update the Kali Linux repositories into the system. Kali Linux repository is given below.

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free

Add this line to your sources.list which you will find at /etc/apt/sources.list. Edit this file with your choice of text editor or just echo this into the file in append mode as shown below.

#echo "deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

You can also use text editor to add this line at the end of this file as shown below in the picture.


Now just save the file and return to the terminal and type in the following command in Terminal to update the repositories index.

#apt-get update && apt-get upgrade 

At this point all the Kali Linux tools are ready to be installed on your system. You can simply go to and list all the tools from there category-wise and install them as per your need. So for instance to install the top 10 tools of Kali Linux, we do:

#apt-get install kali-linux-top10

And yes you will have Metasploit installed in these top 10 kali tools.

I just left out a part where you need to add the GPG key for package authentication. The only thing which will happen if you haven’t imported a appropriate GPG key is that it will throw some security warnings while installing software. You just need to hit Yes every time warning pops up. If for some reason it shows error while installing Kali Tools then you can try importing GPG key for repositories. You can just simply google for GPG key and import it.

If you are still bothered about security warnings then you can also disable the GPG checks by using [trusted] option.

deb [trusted=yes] kali-rolling main contrib non-free"

The trusted option turns off the GPG check.

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