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Hacker Typer for geeks – Linux, Windows, MacOS

Hacker Typer
hacker typer

Impress your friends with this amazing hacker typer web application. Just press F11, hit the button below and start typing.

Click here for Typer

You can also download this hacker typer web application from  this link and set it up on your own desktop. After downloading the zip file. Extract the file with WinRar(windows) or Unzip(Linux). Now go to the extracted folder and open the index.html file in your preferred browser. It will run on any platform (Windows, Linux and Mac), all you need is a browser.

Install hacker typer on Linux terminal

You can also setup technically more sophisticated hacker typer application on your Linux machine. The tool that we are going to use to setup our hacker typer is known as Hollywood. It runs on Byobu. It is an advanced version of the GNU Screen terminal multiplexer or tmux used with the GNU/Linux computer operating system that has the ability to be used to provide on-screen notification or status, and tabbed multi-window management.

Run the following command in terminal to install it on ubuntu or ubuntu based system.

sudo apt install hollywood

If installation succeeds successfully then our work here is done. You can go ahead and start using it. If there is any dependency issues with the installation. then you can add the following PPA repo to install it.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hollywood/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install byobu hollywood

After the installation of this tool, you can use it with following command (no root privileges are required)


In order to setup this hacker typer tool on other Linux based distro you need to get the source code for Hollywood from GitHub. Link is given below.

Hollywood on github

Other alternatives

For those who are having trouble getting hacker typer on their Linux system can also use other text editors. There are plugins available for sublime and atom text editor to convert them into a hacker typer. You can easily get these plugins from google.

If you know some other batter tools please share with us with in comment section.

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