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GRUB customizer – Easily Customize Your Bootloader

If editing GRUB config files seem bit tedious to you in multi-boot environment, then you have come to the right place. GRUB customizer is a GUI application that allows you to modify the behavior of GRUB so that you don’t have to go trough the trouble of editing the grub configuration file.

GRUB customizer – Installation

This tool is available on on all the major Linux distros. It is easily available on almost all the Linux distro’s software repositories.

Download and install the GRUB customizer on elementary OS,Ubuntu Linux ,Linux Mint by issuing the following commands

#sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
#sudo apt-get updatesudo
#apt-get install grub-customizer
#sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

To install PPA on elementaryOS, issue the following command

#sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

For CentOS based system.

#yum install grub-customizer.x86_64

For Arch based systems

#pacman -Sy grub-customizer

If you are comfortable with CLI interface of Linux, then you can also check this article: Change GRUB boot order

Changing Grub Menu in GRUB customizer

Changing Grub Menu in GRUB customizer

If you wish to change the Grub boot menu order you can do so by clicking under the List Configuration tab and we can change the Grub menu order. So if you want Windows at the top of the list, then you can. Select the menu item and use that arrows to move it around the menu.

For more advance changes, selecting an entry and right clicking on that entry enables us to edit the information used when booting with that entry.

Default Boot Entry

On your work or personal laptop you may work more with Windows than Linux. So you can also change the default boot option as well.

Default Boot Entry

In General Settings we can change the default entry. This can be the first entry, in my case Ubuntu, or we can change it to another option. In the above image I have set it to Windows. So if I power up the laptop and not touch it, it with automatically boot to Windows.

Customize Grub Background Image

In Appearance settings, clicking on the background image button, we can load a JPEG image to use as a background.

Customize Grub Background Image

We can also edit the color of text, highlighted text, and text backgrounds. We can also change the font to something cool, but do be careful and some fonts may not work as expected.

When we are happy, click on Save and then reboot the machine to see your handiwork!

Some troubleshooting:

The Grub Customizer settings may work only from within the latest Linux/Ubuntu installation, the one that installed the Grub.

For example, if somebody has two OS-es installed (Windows and Ubuntu), and then installs a third OS (Manjaro, etc) and then tries to follow the above mentioned method, These changes will not work when made from the second OS (Ubuntu, in the example). The program has to be installed in the thirs OS, as it seems that Grub Customizer can only edit the Grub files created by the installation of the system on which itself is installed.

The files that determine the Grub boot menu come in most cases with the latest system installed on a machine, so Grub Customizer has to be installed and used from that Linux system.

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