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Keyboard Which Can Be Used By LEGO Bricks

LEGO Keyboard
LEGO Keyboard

LEGO studs are planted across the sides and bottom of the keyboard. It is called the PIXEL , and it is not officially licensed by LEGO. But you can still build just about any design with it and you can also incorporate an existing set.

The best part is that you can outfit the keyboard with your own LEGO keycaps if you desire. It will surely be hell of an experience because you can rip out the existing ones and install ones with your preferred amount t of clickiness. Once your keyboard is ready you can go wireless or even plug it in to your computer.

And you can also play with it’s RGB lighting.

It will cost you 269$ if you pay a 1 $ reservation fee. This product can stop your craving for a unique keyboard.

It is used by a lot of individuals of different age groups. Be it children or middle aged men ,  there is no shortage of  Enthusiasts. It’s just that you can make so many different things with it, all you need is your creative side to give you a little bit of push. If you’re too much of a fan of it there is an collaboration of your creativity and tech. For all the Tech Enthusiasts who are also into this game , there is a Keyboard on which you can attach your LEGO bricks , as studs have been planted across the sides and bottom of the board.

This keyboard has not been officially Licensed by the brand but its still a great product.  This product has an Tenkeyless design. There is also no number pad option available. This in turn makes it a small board. The company Melgeek which has designed this product has also included studs beneath each keycap, which can help you in designing the keyboard your way.