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Netflix LDR shows our love for Amazing Sci Fi Graphics

If you like this series of Netflix  there is also a book which is published. This book explores the visual styles that have been showcased in this series.

Netflix is a company which has always tried to expand our vision for the entertainment industry . I can’t remember any series which was good and it didn’t come from the company Netflix. Ever since NETFLIX has come into the entertainment industry it has tried to revolutionise the Entertainment industry.But we also can’t deny the fact that Netflix has in some or the other way built up a reputation of a good time spending alternative.

If anybody has seen  LOVE , DEATH AND ROBOTS , I  can guarantee you that the visuals would have grabbed  your attention . From what I think , is that this is one of the best series that I have watched on Netflix . The visuals were incredible , I never saw anything like it. This series of Netflix  will take you on a  journey , as it will show you every emotion that you can possibly think of. Be it dark , happy or comedy. This series will show you unreal stuff and also the stuff that you can relate to.

The artists that worked  on this project did a great job in making this series a great watch. The book which has been written on this project , covers all three seasons. In this book, you can check out variations of the frozen city which featured in Season 1 ‘Ice Age’ or also the monster designs for ‘Sucker Of Souls’ and also all of the beautiful creatures  from ‘Fish Night’ .

The book will also provide you with clever graphic design that helped in combining the art styles and the incomparable episodes together.

You can buy the book online as well, but until then check out the photos that are below