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Google Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 and Nest Devices are on your Way

Google fall Hardware Event  will be launching  Pixel 7 phones and  the Pixel Watch on 6th October.


Google is one of the few brands in the world that has created a trustworthy reputation in the eyes of consumers. Now google has decided to get into the Smartwatch market. But Google’s competitors have been in this smartwatch market for a while and they are just launching it’s smartwatch. They  are a  few years behind in the smartwatch business, and we truly want the their smartwatch to not suck. Any information about the watch has not been officially released by google. We don’t even know which chip is going to be used. On the other side Pixel 7 and Pixel Pro will be releasing in the market .

It has been said that it will be similar in a way to it’s previous pixel phones. There might be slight changes in the interface.

Since the last event of google, purported leaks have revealed about the watch and Phone.  Pixel product page says that it’ll be powered by Tensor G2(Next-Gen chip). The leak hasn’t revealed much about the products that we didn’t know already.

For the Pro Models , there will be an aluminium camera bar with two cutouts on the rear. A redittor got hold of a prototype Pixel Watch from which we could get a better sense of Watch’s size.

The Pixel 7 will be more or less as it’s previous generation of phones, But the Watch has much more attention as it is ‘The first smartwatch built by google’.

Their competitors have been making smartwatches for years, and hence they have much more experience in that field. But this company is just starting this year so hence google needs to amp it up a few notches, just so it could compete in the current smartwatch scenario.

Google Smartwatch
Google Smartwatch