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Are Gaming Laptops Worth It


A lot of individuals who are interested in Gaming , have at least once thought about buying a gaming laptop. But a lot  of them have a doubt that are the gaming laptops worth buying. In this article we will show you some laptops that are available in the international gaming market these days. These laptops that we will be mentioning will be worth your buck.

1. Asus’s Gaming Laptops- ROG Zephyrus G15

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?

Price      – 1800$

Display  –   15 inch Display with 165HZ QHD(1440p)

Weight  –   4 pounds(1.81 kilograms) 

It is not an heavy gaming laptop compared to most of the gaming laptops. Everything in the G15 is pretty good . The battery can stay up-to 8.5 hours. There’s a slight issue that this laptop Doesn’t have a webcam . The audio quality being offered is pretty good, as it has 6 speaker array. The keyboard and Touchpad are pretty good. Every sort of Port is available . The display has a very great colour reproduction, so your games will look great. It is not only one of the best gaming laptops but also one of the best laptops in the market right now.

2.  ROG Zephyrus G14

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?

Price  – 1649 $

Weight – 3.79 pounds nad 0.77 inches thick

The G14 is the smaller version of the G15 .If you’re looking for something lighter and thinner than G15 then this is your option. It is also the best 14-inch gaming laptop you can buy and also the best portable gaming laptop. The port selections, keyboard, touchpad, screen are great that come with the laptop. The GPU  for 1649$ is 6700S. There is not a lot of performance difference between the 6700S and 6800S model. There is also an webcam.  Not too many gaming laptops in the market that come with a Full Day Battery Life. There is an model which can offer an animated grid of coloured lights on the laptop.You can display words, images and also a Virtual Pet that you can have fun with.

 3. ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?

It has the longest lasting battery which is  9 hours and 16 minutes.That is impressive because it is powering a colourful light strip , a-lot of LEDs and also a per key RGB Keyboard . The price is set at 1400$.

If you’ re looking for a colourful laptop with a bold design, this is for you.


4. Razer’s Gaming Laptops –  Blade 17

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?

Display – 17 inch

Thickness – 0.8 inches

Price – 4300 $

There’s no denying the fact that this laptop is expensive , But if you’re looking for the best of the best this should be your choice.The screen is QHD 240hz. A customisable per-key RGB keyboard. It just adds the perfect amount of colours which don’t look too colourful for any meeting.What makes this laptop so special is that it is extremely thin and attractive but you don’t have to compromise on it’s power as it is a BEAST.

5.Blade 14

Display – 14 inch 

Nvidia’s RTX 3070 and RTX 3080, powerful eight-core AMD chip and Nvidia’s top-of-the-line mobile GPUs and a eight-core AMD chip are in it.

Ports are HMDI 2.1 and also two USB-c ports. It also has a RGB keyboard. Price is set at 1899$.


6. Lenovo –Legion 5 Pro

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?

Price – Under 2,000$

Screen 16 inch

Processor – AMD Ryzen 5000

Display – 165 hz

The only downside is it’s Battery life. We could only get a 4.5 hours of battery life. But it charges very quickly with the 300W brick that comes with it. The best part is it’s screen which is 16 inch  long. It is very rare to get that size of a screen in a gaming laptop. You can easily use it on a day to day basis for multitasking. The gaming  performance of the Legion is also showing  very impressive results.

7. MSI’s Gaming Laptops- GE76 Raider

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It ?

If you’re looking for a laptop which can deliver the performance of a desktop than this will blow your mind.

It cost’s around 2600$. You can have the Top industry specs available in this laptop. There is also cooling available for those heavy specs in this laptop.You should buy a QHD screen and a 1080p 360 Hz display. All you can do is just game on this laptop. It is a also a bit heavy and the battery life available is mediocre.

8. MSI GS77 Stealth

Price – 4000$

Customisable and per-key lighting for keyboard is available. It is a bit tough to carry around. But it still can give a decent performance  even with the QHD display option.