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Apple MacBook Air With M2 Chip Is A Beginning To A New Start


The design
MacBook Air with M2 chip

  • Disclaimer 

The  Apple MacBook Air with M2 chip comes with surprise for the laptop community, because of the new design that Apple is offering us this time. Apple MacBook Air with M2 chip is faster than the Apple MacBook Air with M1 chip in every aspect, but it is slower than the Apple  MacBook Pro with M2 Chip. The Apple MacBook is more than good  for productivity tasks, but heavy projects will require a MacBook Pro for sure. Apple always remains at the top of the field when it comes to build quality and fit and finish. And the MacBook Air is  one of the biggest examples of it.


  • Apple M2 Chip laptop Gets warm and throttles aggressively under heavy workloads
  • More expensive
  • Base model’s storage is slow in speed
  • Fingerprints issue in Midnight colour
  • Limited port options
  • Display notch gets in the way of menubar apps



  • New design, which is thinner and lighter 
  • 1080p webcam is great for video calls
  • The display looks modern and brighter 
  • Great performant for most tasks
  • All-day battery life
  • MagSafe charging is a bonus

  • Apple MacBook Charging

The charging part in this year’s Apple MacBook Air is also a surprise because  the MagSafe  charging connector is back. It will come with a colour-matched braided cable in the box. You will not be getting this option on the more expensive models.

On the basic model you will get the same 30W brick, but the step-up models have a choice between a new compact 35w charger with two USB-C ports or a 67W brick  which is larger and much more powerful. It can charge your battery up-to 30 percent in just 1/2 hour. You should go with the 67W brick, as it is more powerful and not choose the 35W brick just for the extra USB-C port.

  • Apple Display

This year’s Apple MacBook Air will still be limiting on only one external display. If you want more than one you would be needing a 14-inch Apple MacBook Pro which can support up-to more than 4 external displays. Apple has made the display much more easier to work with, by increasing the brightness to 500 fom 400. Now you can use the laptop  outdoors and also use it  all day long with much more ease. The bezels have also been reduced, which give the Air a much more modern look and the corners of the screen have also been rounded as well.

Though, the display quality doesn’t match the higherApple  MacBook Pro models but it is better than the 13 inch Apple  MacBook Pro.

The display is especially  good for the consumers who spend a lot of time web browsing and editing documents.

  • Apple MacBook Webcam

The old 720p camera which was available in the older models of air is now straight out of the park and instead we’ve gota a 1080p camera which is also in the larger Pro models. It is a good quality camera overall and is great for video calls.

The notch on which the webcam resides on is a good addition in the design for the Apple MacBook Air M2, but one issue that we have with the notch is that it covers a lot of menubar space and for someone who uses a lot of menubar apps it will be a big issue. To solve that issue we have an app for you naming Bartender which will help you solve your problems with the menubar.

  • Apple Macbook Performance     

The new M2 chip is one of the best part of Air as it shows some  significant difference in performance . Apple claims that it shows 18 percent better multi-core performance over the M1 chip, and also shows 35 percent faster graphics. It is the same chip that is designed in the MacBook Pro 13-inch. But, there’s an issue with the speed of storage in the base model of 13-inch Apple  MacBook Pro M2 and the base model of Apple MacBook Air M2. As the storage which is 256GB is stored on a single NAND chip instead of two like on the M1 models or new M2 models with 512GB or more storage. It make’s the storage perform half as fast as even the older M1 Air models and . it will actually make things a-lot slower whenever you will try to copy large files around or even you are multitasking, which would max out the 8GB of RAM force it to use swap memory.

That’s why buying the base model is not good, rather go for the 1500$ model.