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Apple Maps has Finally Turned Worth Using

Going back  10 years, I can remember  when the Apple Maps was launched. It went through the roughest starts of that any  product has ever gone through.

But after 10 years,  this product has been one of the biggest product turnarounds we have seen one in the last decade.

Apple Maps Introduction

The company used to rely on other companies to give them data for maps . In 2018 they started to rebuild maps with their own data. Heavy investment was put into mapping , the company sent their own maping vans which had lidar rays , cameras , iPad. In 2020 apple covered the US. A lot more functionality was added after every IOS update.After 10 years since the  Maps has launched apple has turned it from a complete joke to pretty useful app. Now we can finally say that apple maps is a better app than Google Maps. They  also introduced cycling directions and EV routing which will be useful if the Apple car is ever launched. In IOS 15 the company  has added 3D details to a handful of cities, augmented reality walking directions.


Apple Maps
Apple Maps

 In 2012, they replaced the Google Maps with its maps app. Right from the launch, it was much of a problem than help to its users. Poor graphics , naming places wrongly and a lot of wrong Information was given to it’s users.

“ we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers,” – TIM COOK

Tim Cook after 11 days of the launch gave an open letter and apologised for the inconvenience that has been caused to the users.

After this failure apple started to make some changes within the company. Apple started buying  new companies that could pave their way more easily into making  maps a big deal. At first small issues were solved. Public transit directions was added. Slowly and steadily they were making their app better.